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Do i ever have to pay you?

The answer is, never. You never have to pay us any out of pocket costs, period. If we win or settle the case as a class action, we will petition the court for our attorney’s fees.

How do you (Privacy Rights) get paid? You can’t be doing this for free.

If we win or settle the case as a class action, we will petition the court for our attorney’s fees. We will never ask you to pay for our fees since we take all of the risk in the litigation.

Is it necessary for me to answer the calls?

Yes. If you don’t answer the calls, we can’t confirm who was calling you, and we cannot determine whether they called using an auto-dialer or pre-recorded message. We must also know what the call was regarding and who, if anyone the telemarketer was asking for.

What should I do if I experience a data breach or data leak?

The first thing to do is to check in with our experienced privacy rights team, who will guide you in how to ensure your data has been protected and to determine whether you are owed money by the company for their violating your privacy rights.

Who is to blame for a data breach?

Our job is to find out whether the company who your data was breached from was negligent with safeguarding your data. If they were, then we will make sure they pay you the money you deserve for their violating your privacy rights.

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